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Whether you were involved in a low-speed fender bender or a higher-speed collision it’s critical that you seek care immediately. Some people think that if they were traveling at a low speed when their car was hit that they’re okay. Even at low speeds, you can sustain whiplash or other damage.
The ER Approach

There’s no question-you absolutely want to be in the ER if you were involved in a serious auto accident and had major injuries. However, if you didn’t sustain any major injuries, the chiropractor’s office is where you want to be. Why? Because most people who were involved in an auto accident have mechanical damage. Chiropractors can detect that.
Damage That Needs Addressed

You can’t see it with your eyes; it’s deep inside-microscopic tearing of the soft tissue and subtle misalignments of the spine. If those issues are left alone, the body is going to heal with scar tissue, which is more pain-sensitive. Here are some common symptoms following an auto accident:

  • Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Whiplash


The Importance of Chiropractic Care

What chiropractic care does is so important that anybody who gets in a car accident should see us because we’re trained, especially Dr. Frogley, to find those subtle injuries that have happened.

We then use specific chiropractic adjusting to treat those areas. According to some studies, chiropractic can help the body to heal without the scar tissue with a much more normal tissue that was there. The body is able to heal with normal tissue instead of scar tissue.


A Delayed Onset of Pain

We often see patients who come in following an accident with headaches, neck pain, back pain and numbness and tingling. As we started getting into their history, we’ll find out that they were involved in a car crash-and sustained a whiplash injury- six months ago or a year ago. Then, all of a sudden, they’re starting to have these symptoms.

A patient may say, “I went to the emergency room. They told me I was okay and sent me on my way. And I just took some acetaminophen or ibuprofen.” The problem is that person had injuries that weren’t life threatening, which is what they look at it in emergency room. So when such a patient goes to the medical doctor and given pain pills their body starts to heal with scar tissue.


Avoid Long-Term Problems

By coming in for care as soon as possible after an accident, we can help the body to heal properly without the scar tissue. So even if you don’t feel anything at the time of an accident, you need to get checked.

The first step is having an evaluation. We may find that you don’t have any type of damage. However, if there is an issue present, we’re going to find it and get you started with care.

Auto Accident FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding auto accident chiropractic care. If you have additional questions, please contact us today!

Depending on the severity and what’s going on, it can take anywhere from six to 12 weeks to heal. It could take even longer. Of course, every person will respond differently.

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